Downtown Bomb Scare

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A suspicious object taken to the Police Operations Center Wednesday turned out to be a real explosive.
"It was liter bottle with a liquid device with some kind of wick," said Lt. Rafael Cintron of the Colorado Springs Police Department. "It looked like a large molotov cocktail."
Police say a parole officer confiscated it from her parolee's house and drove it to the POC, triggering the closure of several near-by streets. Firefighters stood by in case the improvised explosive device went off. The Police Explosives Unit responded and several people including Valerie Bonner, were asked to leave the building.
"It is scary," said Bonner, "you never know what can happen and the way things are going now, anything can happen."
But thankfully, nothing happened. The bomb squad carried the device to safety in a bucket. Cintron says it never should have been brought to the POC in the first place.
"If somebody finds something that appears to be an explosive device, just give us a call and we'll respond," said Cintron.
The entire ordeal took about 2 hours to clear up. Police are not commenting on the identity of either the parole officer or parolee involved.