Troops Return Home from Iraq

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Hundreds of soldiers with the 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team are home from Iraq. And hundreds more are on their way.

These soldiers will get to take the kids out trick or treating tonight. After they spent the last year in Iraq training Iraqi Security Forces.

Tigger, Spiderman and Tinkerbell are all ready to go trick or treating ... Even though the best treat ever just walked through the door. These soldiers are back on American soil. Specialist Matthew Roberts hasn't seen his daughter, Caden since she was born. She's now 5 months old. "I don't even recognize her at first, it's been so long," said Specialist Roberts. "No words can describe it, just pure happiness," said his wife, Marcela. And while Caden may not remember her first halloween, it's one her mom and dad will never forget. "He wants to stay home and rest, but I told him were going to at least one house."

One more group of soldiers is expected to arrive at Fort Carson Tuesday night. And all of the 3rd HBCT is expected home by Thanksgiving.