Hand-Made Hats For The Homeless

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On a cold day like Tuesday, bundling up is second nature. But for those less fortunate, sometimes even a hat is hard to come by. 2 women are trying to change that. Laura Brown And Mary Perkins work at Jo Ann Fabrics. Back in August they asked customers to get knitting for the needy-- their goal, collect 100 hand-made hats by Halloween.
"We got to 100 hats so quickly that we changed the goal to 200 hats," said Brown. "Then we got to 300 hats and by this morning we had 425 hats!"
Hats Brown and Perkins gave out to folks visiting The Marian House and New Hope Center Tuesday. Recipients like Rico say they're grateful for the gift.
"Oh man, it will cover my ears and keep me nice and warm now," said Rico.
The ladies say in August, they'll start knitting hats to give out next Halloween. In the meantime, The Salvation Army says right now its biggest donation need is blankets.