Pueblo Ranks Third Most Dangerous

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Pueblo is being called the third most dangerous city in Colorado.

According to Morgan Quinto Press, an independent research company, Pueblo ranked third behind Aurora and Denver.

Pueblo's Chief of Police, Jim Billings says, the reason Pueblo has such a high crime rate is because of the high percentage of low income families.

The cities across Colorado were ranked based on six areas; homicides, rape, robbery, assault, auto theft and arson.

Chief Billings says, "I wasn't totally surprised by the rankings."

Among those six areas, according to the report, Pueblo has an increased risk of property crimes, burglary, theft and auto theft.

But there were, however, some discrepancies cited in the report.

Chief Billings says, "They show Pueblo having 13 homicides and we had 8."

The study cites, all of their results are inconclusive because of two reasons; not every city submits crime statistics and law enforcement agencies interpret data differently.

Chief Billings say, despite the report, Pueblo is a safe and great place to live.