Drought Help For Denver

(Denver-AP) -- Denver water managers say they plan to drain one
reservoir and move water from another into Cheesman Reservoir to
ease the effects of Colorado's largest wildfire.
And they already are warning that means residents likely will face water restrictions again next year.
The 138-thousand-acre fire about 40 miles southwest of Denver
burned around Cheesman Reservoir -- which feeds into the
Denver-area drinking water supply.
Officials want to raise waterlevels at the reservoir which is two-thirds empty how to dilute the effects of ash and sediment that might run off from burned areas.
That means they'll be taking water from Antero and Eleven Mile
reservoirs. Officials say the 20-thousand-acre-foot capacity Antero
now is 91 percent full -- but should be dry by the end of August.
Eleven Mile is storing more water than its 98-thousand acre-foot
capacity and is expected to be down to about 60 percent full by