Cement Truck Driver Killed in Rollover Accident

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Police say a maneuver by a cement truck driver in a Colorado Springs neighborhood...probably saved lives, but it cost him his own.

The accident happened Monday morning at the intersection of Star Ranch Road and Broadmoor Bluffs.

Police say 52 year-old Michael Griswold was driving a cement truck when he had some sort of mechanical failure and couldn't stop. Many believe that’s when he took matters into his own hands, sacrificing his own life for others.

"The way the truck was facing he would have hit that house over there so I think he rolled it to save someone else's life," said Griswold’s co-worker Dwyanne Johnson.

And the Bello family is also counting their blessings tonight...if Griswold had not rolled the truck it more than likely would have hit their house.

"If it had come through he probably would have ended up in the family room," Irene Bello said.

Police say it may have been the brakes...or the clutch that failed... But they are still investigating.