Colorado Springs Ballot Confusion

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We're just 8 days away from elections and some voters in Colorado Springs are confused with some important issues that are not on the ballot.

The confusion stems from a pamphlet that every El Paso County voter got in the mail. Some questions in it deal with the future of downtown Colorado Springs. But, only a handful of residents will get to vote on them.

Moyra Lyne spent all weekend looking over this pamphlet trying to decide how to vote in the upcoming election. She came across three questions that she wants to vote on. But, they're not on her mail in ballot. "I couldn't find 1B, 1C and 1D on the ballot, that stopped me dead in my tracks," said Lyne. Lyne is not alone. The El Paso County Clerk and Recorder's Office says they've been bombarded with questions. "There has been some confusion with that. The city of Colorado Springs is conducting its own mail in ballot election for those questions," said Liz Olson, El Paso County Assistant Election Manager. Although those questions are in the County's tabor notice, the city is sending out its own mail-in ballot for a special election. And only people who live in the downtown area can vote. City officials say they put the information in the County's pamphlet to save money. But, in the process they've confused voters like Moyra Lyne. "I was told I might not be getting a special ballot for these issues, even though I live in Colorado Springs."

Again, it all depends on where you live. Only about 500 voters who live in downtown will get to vote in the city's special election.