Episcopal Church Reaction to Gay Bishop


Colorado's largest Episcopal Church, located in Colorado Springs is taking a stand against the confimation of an openly gay bishop.

Earlier this month the church confirmed Reverend Gene Robiinson as its first openly gay bishop. He was confirmed to the New Hampshire diocese. The church also approved same sex unions shortly thereafter.

It is these recent decisions that have caused some controversy among churches and some are even considering breaking away from the church.

Colorado Springs' Grace & St. Stephens Episcopal Church is taking steps to keep its members and protest the decisions. Members say they were unhappy with decision to confirm Gene Robinson and hope to reverse the new policies.

Parishoners of the St. Stephens say they and their clergy agree the national church has taken steps away from the anglican communion.

Now, some are asking that their offerings not be part of the 10% donation that Episcopal Churches usually give their dioceses. And many of the clergy endorse the move.

Parishoners are now able to mark their checks 'restricted' so that the money won't go up to the diocese. Most think the cut is a reasonable solution.

But, the cut in donations could be a very big problem for the diocese of Colorado. It stands to lose about $115,000 in the next two years.

The Diocese of Colorado was not available for comment.