Dogs Attack, Kill Elbert County Woman

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Authorities are still deciding whether to charge the owners of three dogs that killed a woman over the weekend in a gruesome rampage that left two other people wounded.

Neighbors say the dogs have been a roaming menace for months in the rolling ranchland near Kiowa in Elbert County. Undersheriff Jim Underwood says the animals were involved in previous attacks.

One of the owners of the dogs has been identified as Jacqueline Mccuen. Spokesman Mike Knight of the district attorney's office says
Mccuen could face charges ranging from a misdemeanor to a felony,
negligent homicide.

Knight says a misdemeanor charge involving the dogs was filed earlier against Mccuen. That charge is still pending. Sunday's attacks began about dawn, when the dogs killed 40-year-old Jennifer Brooke after she went to her horse barn. Brooke's ranch partner, 24-year-old Bjorn Osmunsen and a neighbor, Lynn Baker, were also attacked by the dogs. Baker says he thought he would die. He calls the dogs "monsters" that went for his throat.

Baker's teenage son Cody shot and wounded two of the dogs, allowing Baker to escape into the house. Baker also shot one of the dogs twice. An Elbert County Sheriff arrived and killed the dogs with a pistol.

Health officials are determining if the dogs were rabid.