Matheny Sentenced in Guffey Killings

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The last of three defendants responsible for killing a classmate and his grandparents has been sentenced to 68 years in prison.

Jonathan Edward Matheny, age 20, pleaded guilty in October to three counts of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, and one count of violating organized crime laws.

Matheny admitted to conspiring to kill 15-year-old Tony Dutcher of Colorado Springs and his grandparents, Carl and Joanna Dutcher. They were found dead near Guffey in January 2001. Simon Ewing Sue, Isaac Robin-McCain Grimes and Glen Michael Urban were all sentenced earlier.

Prosecutors said Sue ordered Grimes and Matheny to kill the three as a test of their loyalty to a paramilitary group Sue led.

The family of Jonathan Matheny was hoping for a much lighter sentence. But for the victims’ family---no punishment could fit the crime. "It's not enough---800 years couldn't be enough." In one awful night, Charles Dutcher lost his 15-year old son, Tony and his parents, Carl and Joanna. "I'm pretty sure of the facts. Jonathon shot my mom and dad. Isaac killed Tony---simple as that," said Dutcher.

There was no physical evidence to tie Matheny to the crime, but the other two conspirators say Matheny did shoot and kill Carl and Joanna Dutcher. That led to the plea bargain.

In the end, not one of the three accused of the murders went on trial. They all entered guilty pleas. "I don't like it---nobody likes it. All should have gotten the death penalty, but better this than being set free," said Dutcher.

For the victim's family there will never be closure. Charles Dutcher says his son, Tony, would have graduated this year and had big plans for the future. "Just remember---he's a sweetheart. If any of his friends join the military. remember Tony. That's what he was going to do. He'd be by your side fighting,” said Dutcher.

At the hearing, Jonathan Matheny did say he was sorry. But one question that was never answered is why this happened.