Prize Patrol Awards Winner

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We've all seen commercials showing everyday Joes and Janes winning thousands, if not millions, of dollars from Publishers Clearing House.

Who hasn't dreamed of hearing their doorbell ring only to be greeted by an oversized check and the promise of financial relief?

Monday, that fantasy became reality for one family in Pueblo.

While Publishers Clearing House has been giving away money in neighborhoods across the country for years, they are trying something different this time around.

"Rather than just giving a few really big prizes, we thought it would be nice to give several smaller prizes to spread the wealth and really help out the people with the economic crisis going on," says Lauren Saul, member of the PCH Prize Patrol.

Today's big winner, Theresa Bon was skeptical at first, but has since accepted the idea she too could win.

"Really, totally, unbelievable. I'm just not sure if it's for real yet! They keep saying it is, and I keep going, "ok yeah," I keep waiting for someone to pop out and go surprise!" said Theresa.

Just a few days ago Theresa sent in more entries to the contest, hoping to win an even bigger prize.

Even though she won Monday, she is still eligable to receive prizes down the road.

31 PCH Prize Patrols are currently traveling the country visiting 101 winners. Each winner will receive $1,000.

For more information on how to enter click the link below and visit the PCH Web site.