Attack Dog Adopted

The parents of a little girl, who was attacked by three dogs, are upset by the actions of the Humane Society.

Nine year old Kelsi Llanes was attacked on August 4th by two american bulldogs and one miniature pincher. After the attack, the Humane Society took custody of all three dogs. Since then, two of the dogs were destroyed, but the miniature pincher was put up for adoption.

Roberto and Emily Llanes say their daughter suffered bites all over her body, some of which went down to the bone. And, they add, she still has nightmares, headaches and a fear of dogs.

They are appaled by the Humane Society's decision. And, they are even angrier at the fact no one told them the dog had been allowed to live.

But, the Humane Society says their decision wasn't irresponsible as the Llanes' claim. Officials say the two american bulldogs were put to sleep because they had directly attacked the little girl, whereas the miniature pincher, according to witnesses, did not. They also say they gave the dog a full behavioral evaluation and determined it was still a suitable and safe pet.

The owners of all three dogs are facing charges of owning aggressive animals. The Llanes' say they may also pursue civil action against them.