Raider Haters

Nothing makes them sicker than silver and black. And today in Pueblo, fans and former Bronco players had the chance to renew their pledge to eradicate "Raider Nation" at the annual "Raider-Hater" party.

For Bronco fans young and old ... and even former players ... "hate" isn't a strong enough word and Ron Egloff, a former Bronco, hates them even more.

"Of course I hate the Raiders. Doesn't everybody?"

Former Raider Kenny King was a brave man being in Bronco territory.

"I've been in Denver 13 years, but I'm still not a Broncos fan."

But orange and blue prevailed today to the elation of party-goers.

"Very special playing against the Raiders. And beating them is something special."

And what's more special is the fact that proceeds from the event will go to lopcal youth sports organizations. It's a case of hatred with a cause.