"Amazing Race" Winner Alleges Assault at USAFA

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A former winner of the prime-time reality series "The Amazing Race" now alleges he was sexually assaulted while he was a cadet at the US Air Force Academy near Colorado Springs.

32-year-old Reichen Lehmkuhl tells A-B-C's "Good Morning America" he never reported the incident to his superiors because he was afraid of repercussions.

But he says he was stripped of his clothes, had a bag put over his head, and was forced to perform sexual acts with two male cadets in the early 1990s.

Lehmkuhl remained silent, and served out his commitment as a captain in the Air Force.

Pentagon officials say there's little they can do now unless he asks for an investigation -- and identifies his attackers.

The openly gay Lehmkuhl details his experiences in a new book entitled "Here's What We'll Say: Growing Up, Coming Out, and the US Air Force Academy."

Lehmkuhl is now an actor and model, and recently went public with his relationship with former 'NSync star Lance Bass.

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