Bush Touting Economy

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With an eye on the elections two weeks away, President Bush has been busy touting the economy's strong-points.

On a visit to a minority-owned bank in Washington, the president said his tax cuts have been a boon to entrepreneurs -- and have ensured that "dreamers are rewarded for their hard work."

Bush's visit to the Urban Trust Bank kicked off a two-day blitz on the economy -- and came as the Dow continued to trade at record highs.

Between slumping gas prices and a jobless rate at a five-year low, Republicans are hoping the economy can be a vote-winner this fall -- and help offset the grim news from Iraq. Democrats note growth has slowed sharply this year -- and say those tax cuts mostly went to the rich.

Aides think Bush isn't getting enough credit for upbeat economic news. His approval rating on the economy was just 42% in a recent AP-Ipsos poll.

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