Deadly Shooting Suspect Arrested

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A shooting in Widefield leads to an arrest in Colorado Springs.
One young man is dead. Another behind bars.

The suspect was taken into custody this morning. Sheriff's deputies have arrested a 22 year old suspect in connection with last night's deadly shooting in Widefield.

Anthony Marquez III was taken into custody this morning at a friend's house on Arlen Street, near the Citadel Mall. Deputies worked through the night to try and find Marquez. When they knocked on the door, they say he walked out peacefully. But neighbors say it was still alarming to find a crime scene in their neighborhood.

This all stems from a shooting last night in Widefield. 19 year old Jonathan Smith was shot in the chest in the basement of a home on Quebec Street. He later died at Memorial Hospital.

Marquez has been charged with one count of 1st degree murder. And one count of first degree murder during the commission of a robbery. He will be held at the Criminal Justice Center with no bond.