Fire Destroys Apartment Building

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Several families in the small town of La Veta are trying to pick up the pieces after a fire destroys their apartment building. It happened at the Pleasant View Apartments around 1:30pm yesterday. The cause of the fire is still under investigation, but firefighters believe it was accidental. 8 cats died during the fire.

"When we arrived, there was smoke coming between the floors of apartments, there was fire in the walls. It increased in severity. The building is a total loss," La Veta Asst. Fire Chief Richard Snyder said. It's a total loss for the 8 families who lived here, families like Laura Faglie who lost irreplaceable items. “I'll recover material things, but my sacred things… my great grandmother's ax is still up there."

Water continues to drip from the second to the first floor of the apartment building. Firefighters said they almost went through their town's water supply trying to gain control of the blaze.

Laura says starting over with her grandson will be difficult. She prays her tears of pain will turn into tears of hope. "That's all the help I want."

Fire fighters said no one was injured. If you would like to donate to these the victims of the fire, contact the Red Cross in Pueblo at 719-561-2614. Or you can mail money to 4104 Outlook Blvd. #135D, Pueblo, CO 81008. Make sure you specify the donation is for the La Veta Fire victims.