Man Still Has Amnesia & Still Looking For His Family

A man who was found in downtown Denver last month, claims he still has amnesia. He says he's hoping someone will recognize him.

The man is being called "Al" and was found near Denver's 16Th street mall with a head injury. "Al" is now talking publicly in the hopes someone can recognize him.

"Al" says he woke up outside Denver's world trade center building without any idea how he got there.

He says it took two weeks to convince investigators he actually has amnesia. Both the Colorado Bureau of Investigations and the FBI have run his fingerprints in a national database but there have been no matches. Police say "Al" has undergone hypnosis and a dose of truth serum in the hopes of jogging his memory. The only thing investigators have found out from the therapies is that he may have had a wife and two children that were killed in a car accident involving a drunk driver. They say he may also have connections to New York and 9/11.

Denver police want anyone with information about "Al" to call 720-913-6910.