Gubernatorial Attack Ads

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Colorado's gubernatorial race just got a little hotter.

Republican candidate Bob Beauprez and his campaign, are now under federal investigation for an attack ad against his opponent democrat Bill Ritter.

Ritter alleges the information in the ad came from a confidential law enforcement data base and was not public record.

Friday it was revealed, the person who gave the information to Beauprez's campaign was a federal agent with The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency.

The ICE agent's name was confirmed Friday to be that of Cory Voorhis.

Beauprez is calling him a whistle blower, while Ritter is calling him a law breaker.

Investigators are now trying to determine if the information in the ad was illegally leaked by ICE agent Voorhis.

Representative Bob Beauprez had this to say, "Our source saw a terrible wrong that needed to be made right and he blew the whistle."

While Denver's District Attorney Bill Ritter had this to say, "To call that person a whistle blower, as the congressman did, is to say that he gets to play by a separate set of rules."

The ad cites one of Ritter's cases where an illegal immigrant arrested on drug charges was given a plea bargain and not deported. The ad also says the man was later arrested in California on suspicion of sexually assaulting a minor.

Beauprez's campaign manager, John Marshall, said he didn't ask the source where he got the information about the plea deal but verified it through the public domain, which he wouldn't elaborate on.