Amendment 38 Discussion Gets Heated

Strong words, and even name-calling at an El Paso County Commissioners meeting surrounding Amendment 38. The proposal, on November's ballot, would open up local government to the petition process. County Attorney Bill Louis, stood up as a citizen to share his view on the amendment.
"This is not about public policy, its about public policy by narcissism and sociopath."
Those comments were aimed at County Commissioner Douglas Bruce.
"He acted like a school yard child," Bruce says, "and I think he's an embarrassment."
County commissioner Sallie Clark, along with several other county commissioners, have serious concerns about
The amendment that proposes to make it easier for voters to petition against city and county decisions.
"The devil is in the details of the issue," explains Sally Clark, "people need to read the fine print."
El Paso County Commissioners have voted 3 to 1 to oppose Amendment 38. The commissioner in the minority, Doug Bruce, backs it up all the way.
"What they're really saying is they want to be elected and then not hear from us for the next 4 years."
Sallie Clark explains why things got so heated.
"We all feel very passionate about this, that's why we passed a resolution to oppose 38."
Bill Louis felt so strongly, he risked his job to speak.
"I know I'm putting my job on the line by saying this, and that's how strongly I feel."

For more on the arguments for and against Amendment 38, go to and click on election information.