Gas Prices

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Motorists looking to get out of town this holiday weekend can expect higher gas prices and more vehicles on the road.

According to the American Automobile Association, more than 33
million Americans will hit the roads this Labor Day weekend.

That's up nearly two percent from last year and the highest number
since 1995.

Triple A says about seven million of those drivers will be in the West, where seven states have the highest retail gas prices in the nation. Each is averaging more than a-dollar-84-cents a gallon.

Gas prices have rocketed upward because of a number of factors,
including a ruptured pipeline in Arizona and temporary refinery
shutdowns that limited supplies.

Industry experts say prices will drop, but not until the holiday
is over.

Here's a look at the average retail gas price per gallon for 13 Western states as of Wednesday:

California $2.16
Hawaii $2.09
Arizona $2.01
Nevada $2.00
Oregon $1.95
Washington $1.94
Alaska $1.84
Idaho $1.80
Utah $1.79
Montana $1.74
Colorado $1.68
New Mexico $1.67
Wyoming $1.65