False Political Ad May Bring Charges

The El Paso County District Attorney's office is investigating a political ad against State Senate hopeful John Morse. The ad, was sponsored by a conservative political organization called the Trailhead Group. It made the claim that while Morse served as Fountain Police Chief, a man, charged with more than a dozen felonies plead down to one misdemeanor. In truth, he plead down to a felony. John Morse is upset at the error, he says,
" It was totally and completely inappropriate to the point of being criminal."
The Trailhead Group acknowledges their error and in a statement they say, " "It is disappointing that in the 21st century America an honest mistake in political discourse becomes a potentially indictable offense."
The District Attorney's office is looking into whether charges should be filed. The Trailhead Group could face charges for false or reckless statements related to a candidate, a class 2 misdemeanor.