Cimarron Bridge Resrtictions Ignored

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Police say at least a dozen vehicles have smashed into the bars, four since last Friday. The clearance is very low...anything taller than 9 feet is not going to make it through, but that hasn't stopped some drivers, from trying.

Beth Montano was following her husband Thursday morning on Cimarron Street when he decided to drive their camper over the bridge.

"I was thinking it was a bad idea when we saw the sign no recreational vehicles...I was wondering why he was going through," Montano said.

Montano is just one of many who have smashed up their vehicles on the bridge...police say they are getting tired of drivers not obeying the posted warnings.

"Either people arn't paying attention or they don't know the height of their vehicle and they're going through it," said Colorado Springs police officer Elizabeth Garabrant

And large vehicles that continue to drive through here will pay the price...not only will the Montano's have to fix their camper...they will also be paying a traffic ticket.

"There is a violation if they don't obey the posted signs...its a 110-dollar fine and 4 points off their license," Garabrant said.

The headache bars and weight restrictions have been put into place because there are structural problems with the bridge and it can only hold so much weight.

Construction on a new bridge is set to begin in January but until then large vehicles need to find another route.