Honoring Fallen Peace Officers

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They gave the ultimate sacrifice and now, they're going to be honored forever. Southern Colorado law enforcement hopes to build a peace officers' memorial to honor 21 fallen officers over the past 100 years.

Their names will be etched upon the memorial. All of them laid down their lives. The fallen officers served in Southern Colorado. The most recent hero, Detective Jared Jensen, who was killed in the line of duty. "He made a huge sacrifice. I want his example and the example of others before him… and sad to say, after him to be remembered," Debby Hudson, Jensen’s mom said.

In the middle of the memorial lies a lion representing strength, courage and valor, symbolic of those in blue. Mayor Lionel Rivera said, "The men and women in uniform risk their lives everyday just by waking up everyday and going to their jobs."

The peace officers’ memorial will be at America the Beautiful Park. They'll break ground as soon as one million dollars is raised. "It will serve as an outstanding home and permanent residence for future memorial services," Sheriff Terry Maketa said.

It will be a permanent place to remember and a chance to honor our finest.

Cops have only raised 1/10 of what's needed to build the million dollar memorial. If you would like to help out, return to our homepage and click on the “As Seen On KKTV” tab.