Snow Knocks Out Power

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The early moments of the snow storm looked pretty harmless.
Stepping out in it wasn't bad for those with a coat or even an umbrella.

Then come the traffic jams.

Followed by the power outages.

"I got home, there was no power in the house, no heat, no nothin’,” said Sergeant Gilman Beito, one of about 500 Springs Utilities customers deprived of service.

The snow is heavy and wet. Too much of it makes tree limbs sag into, and knock out overhead power lines, leaving crews scrambling to get things working again.

"Our crews are going to be out all night tonight, managing that issue. Really for the safety of the customer," said utilities’ spokesperson Steve Berry.

In addition to trying to get customers back into power, Berry said the priority will be working on the dangers caused by the broken branches and damaged power lines.

But crews have to drive on the same snow covered streets as everyone else.

"It takes a little time we ask folks to be patient, to let us know and to stay clear of power lines in the street," said Berry.

As for SGT Beito, his plans will keep him away those dangers...and away from home for at least the night.

"I guess we'll go find a hotel!" he said.