Sexually Violent Predator Living In Pueblo

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A sexually violent predator is living on Pueblo's lower east side.

A public meeting was held Tuesday night to warn the community.
More than 100 concerned residents showed up.

The sexually violent predator is 52 year old William Dennis Roland and his address is 907 E 5Th Street.

Roland's convictions include, attempted sexual assault on a child, second degree burglary and theft.

Police say his sex offending pattern is described as, fondling a 14 year old boy and forcing sexual intercourse with an adult woman at knife point.

Roland is disabled so he does not work or drive.

Parents in the community say they do not like the idea of having a sexually violent predator so close to home.

Mother of 4, Christina Frechette says, "I'm going to keep a closer eye on them when they go outside to play now because before I would just let them go outside and let them play and check on them but now I'll probably be out there with them."

And, a grandparent in the community, Bertha Salinas, had this to say, "I really don't want him to be around children or even me exactly or other females."

In Pueblo County there are a total of 496 registered sex offenders.