Delayed Flu Shots For Little Kids

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This cold weather is reminding parents it's time to get those flu shots, but your kids may have to wait a little bit longer this year. The only maker of the kids' flu vaccine in the U.S. is running behind schedule. They say it’s taken longer to produce this year’s vaccination. That means children 6 months to about 4 years old may not get flu vaccines right away.

Most likely local pediatricians will get the vaccine around November, maybe even at the end of October. Dr. Richard Kouri is frustrated. He said he placed the vaccination order last January. “Our flu time is from Thanksgiving until February/March. That’s when we’re most worried. If we could get vaccine, we'll be a whole lot better."

Little ones are considered high-risk.

The other flu vaccine for ages 5 and up is already available to the public. If you want to know where flu clinics are in your area or more about the flu in general, return to the homepage and click on the icon called ‘Flu Shots’.