Broncos Barrel Man in Serious Condition

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The Denver Broncos Barrel Man has been upgraded to serious at St. Mary's Hospital in Grand Junction.

Tim Mc-Kernan has been in the hospital since Thursday after he was flown there from Gunnison. He had been listed in critical condition. The hospital hasn't said what is wrong with Mc-Kernan. But the Rocky Mountain News reported that his wife told friends he had an aneurysm while on vacation. He has a history of heart problems.

Mc-Kernan adopted his persona of Barrel Man in 1977 on a bet with his brother. He cheers for the Broncos wearing an orange cowboy hat, boots, an orange barrel supported by suspenders – and reportedly nothing else. Mc-Kernan's devotion to the team has earned him a spot in fan section of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.