Ordway House Explosion Update

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There's new information on a house that exploded in Ordway. It critically injured three small children and their 23-year-old babysitter.

Test results from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation have determined it was a case of arson.

You may remember, the house exploded on Sept. 30 in the small community of Ordway. That's about 50 miles east of Pueblo.

For nearly two months, the Crowley County sheriff's investigators and those from the CBI have been looking for clues that might point to what caused the explosion. They even brought in an arson dog to help “sniff out” evidence.

KKTV learned Wednesday that the CBI has now handed over its findings to the Crowley County sheriff. The case has been ruled an arson, but the sheriff's office won't make any comment about the case and says it's still under investigation.

Meantime, all four burn victims are in now Ohio—living with family members. The three children, ages two, three, and four were just recently released from Shriners Hospital in Cincinnati.

But their recovery is far from over. Each has burns over 20-30-percent of their bodies. That will take years to heal.

Their mom, Pam Rogan, says they've just started to play, but they mostly cry and want to be held all the time. The babysitter, Frank Rogan, was released from University Hospital in Denver several weeks ago. He's also living in Ohio.