CBI Releases Timeline of Shooting

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The Colorado Bureau of Investigation has issued seven search warrants in the case. They won't comment on the details but they are hoping they will help them determine what motivated Duane Morrison to take six girls hostage at the High School before shooting one and then killing himself.

After examining school surveillance cameras the Colorado Bureau of Investigation has pieced together a timeline of Morrison's actions on the morning on the shooting.

"Morrison was first seen arriving in the upper administration parking lot at 8:42am," said Steve Johnson with CBI.

Investigators say he hung around the parking lot for awhile, then left and returned about 45 minutes later.

"At 10:53am Morrison is seen exiting the vehicle and at 11:40 and 59 seconds the first call from the school comes into the Park County Sheriff's Office," Johnson said.

Morrison was also seen at the school the day before the shooting. Johnson says after interviewing his relatives they believe he acted completely alone.

Park County Sheriff Fred Wegener says back in Bailey they are now focusing on putting plans in place to ensure this doesn't happen again.

"We've had the opportunity to mourn and now we are going to go forth and not let things like this happen again," Wegener said.