President Speaks on North Korea's Nuclear Program

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A warning to North Korea from President Bush, who says America "reserves all options" to defend its allies.

Just days after the North claimed to have pulled off a nuclear weapons test, Bush says the U.S. is still working to confirm it. But he said the claim itself constitutes a threat to international peace and stability. And he says the North is opting to "raise tensions," rather than pursue a better life for its people.

The president says he's hoping for a diplomatic solution. To that end, he wants to see a strong resolution from the UN Security Council to get the rogue communist nation to dismantle its nuclear programs. Bush says there needs to be "serious repercussions" for that regime.

While the UN secretary-general is urging Washington to hold one-on-one talks with the North Koreans, Bush is again rejecting that. He says the North can return to the six-nation talks it walked away from.