$800 Puppy Stolen From Local Pet Store

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A puppy is stolen in broad daylight from a Colorado Springs pet store and what makes this theft even worse is that the dog had a price tag of 800-dollars.

The owners at the Le Pooch Connection say last Thursday a woman came in their store and literally ran out the front door with an 8-week old boxer.

"All of a sudden this red Jetta pulls to the front door...the girl runs out...jumps in the car and they sped away...she stole my boxer baby," said Store Owner Lisa Malloy.

Malloy says the woman was in the store earlier that day inquiring about the boxer so they weren't at all surprised when she returned, but they were shocked to see her run out the door with the puppy in her arms.

Malloy says this theft is now making them re-consider the set-up of their store.

"We try really hard to have a home environment for these dogs so they aren’t locked in little cages and to have someone come in and steal a live dog is just despicable," she says.

And for Lisa the worst part is that she just can't stop thinking about her missing puppy. She says she’s called almost every single pet store and vet in town with hopes that someone has seen her dog but so far she hasn't had any luck.

If you have any information about this theft please call Crimestoppers at 634-STOP in Colorado Springs.