Poll: Congressional Race Even

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A poll conducted for a Denver newspaper shows candidates Republican State Senator Doug Lamborn, and Democratic challenger Jay Fawcett in a dead heat...

And people are watching closely what could happen to a seat that normally is a lock for Republicans.

Out of 400 potential voters, the poll, conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling and Research shows 37 percent favor Democrat Jay Fawcett.

"We see a trend line in the demographic that shows, we think this is a race a Democrat can win," said Fawcett.

On the other hand 37 percent say their man is the winner of this year's Republican primary, state senator Doug Lamborn.

"This is just not as...it's not a slam-dunk by any means, and I'm taking it very seriously," Lamborn said.

"Doug Lamborn is going to have to run hard from now until election day to try and save that seat for himself and for the Republicans," said Colorado College political science professor Bob Loevy.

Loevy says Lamborn has a challenge a Republican candidate hasn't faced in 20 years.

The 5th Congressional seat is open, not filled by a Republican incumbent.

To make things more difficult, outgoing Congressman Joel Hefly doesn't endorse Lamborn, and recent media coverage of the Republican Party out of Washington hasn't been good.

"It's like the Chinese water torture,” said Loevy. “One thing has piled up on another in this district and suddenly a district that never has been in play for the democrats all of a sudden is."

What the poll does show is with more than 25 days before the election comes, there are a number of voters who still haven't made up their minds:

Fair game, in a race many will be watching.

"It's a winnable race for a democrat who's interested in solving problems, strengthening families in the U.S. and that's me," said Fawcett.

"I think as people understand he is a liberal,” Lamborn said of his opponent, “I think he's going to lose support.”

The race for the 5th district doesn't have a clear front-runner right now, unlike a number of others in Colorado. It could put a Democrat in the U.S.House of Representatives, which will likely make it a race people watch closely this November 7th.