Bush Has Discussion Panel About School Safety

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With the recent rash of school shootings across the nation, President Bush decided to hold a discussion panel on Tuesday near Washington, so that school leaders, parents, students and police could come up with better ways to protect our schools.

President Bush said, "All of us in this country want our classrooms to be gentle places of learning."

But he and others say, it isn't always that way. Remembering what happened at Platte Canyon High School in Bailey. Park County Sheriff Fred Wegner was on the discussion panel and said, "I think it is just one of those times when an individual was able to get in.''

Wegner believes there is a way to prevent future potential tragedies.
He says, in order for school leaders and parents to do that, he said we need to, "Listen to the experts and maybe avert anything like this from happening again. it's a terrible tragedy and we're not suppose to lose our kids at school."

While new policies will not be passed in light of the panel discussion, experts hope continuing the national dialog will help prevent violence in schools.

Already this school year, five children have died in the Amish school shooting, one girl in Bailey and a principal in Wisconsin.