Woman Tied Up During Robbery

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Tied-up and robbed at gunpoint, a Colorado Springs woman lives to tell her story. It’s a story you’ll only see on KKTV 11 News.

The robbery happened in broad daylight at the Wingstop Restaurant, near Stetson Hills Boulevard and Powers.

For Juanice Pena, her usual work day suddenly turns terrifying. "Un hombre viene con una pistola y dice donde esta la caja fuerte..." Juanice told us she was cleaning the windows right before the restaurant opened when a man put a gun to her head and shoved her inside the door. He asked her where the safe was. Juanice, scared out of her mind, scrambled to open it. After the man put the large stash of bills in a bag, he forces her to walk back toward the refrigerator, puts her on the floor and ties up her hands and her feet. Then, he slipped out the back door.

"Yo tengo hijos...” Juanice said the whole time, she was thinking about her two kids and the possibility of never saying goodbye to them. She shed a tear when she recounted the worst experience of her life. "Yo estoy bien..." She's okay now, but Juanice said the nightmare continues to play in her mind.

Police said they are looking for a Hispanic male in his mid-20's with blonde highlights in his hair and possibly wearing a fake black mustache. Juanice told us that the suspect primarily spoke English, but also knew broken Spanish.

If you know anything about this robbery, call Crime Stoppers at 634-STOP in Colorado Springs.