Back To School In Missouri After Shooting

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Most students were back at classes in a Missouri middle school Tuesday, with one notable exception. The 13-year-old who allegedly fired an assault rifle there a day earlier remains in custody.

Authorities in Joplin are bringing juvenile charges including assault and making terrorist threats. Prosecutors may decide later to charge him as an adult. He has a court hearing tomorrow.

No one was hurt when a bullet from the assault rifle went into the school ceiling, after an adult confronted the boy. The principal then came out of his office to investigate, and says the boy pointed the rifle at him, but that it jammed. He left, but was quickly caught.

According to police, he was wearing a trench coat, like the killer teens at Columbine did. The school superintendent quotes police as saying the seventh-grader had a fascination with that case.

The principal calls him "a nice kid who almost killed me."

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