Congressman Foley Investigation

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FBI agents in Oklahoma City have been talking Tuesday with a former congressional page who may have been on the receiving end of an ex-congressman's suggestive messages.

His attorney won't discuss specifics, saying only that the former House page, Jordan Edmund, answered all the agents' questions. Stephen Jones says his client didn't get a subpoena and hasn't been asked to return. He says he also expects to talk to House investigators.

The FBI and the House ethics panel are looking into allegations that Mark Foley made computerized advances to former House pages.

The Republican campaign worker's connection to Foley became public after a news agency inadvertently published his computer screen name, and an Oklahoma-based blogger tracked him down.

Meanwhile, Mark Foley's ex-chief of staff will be testifying this week before the House ethics panel.

Kirk Fordham is a key figure in the committee's investigation because of his statements that he warned the House speaker's staff at least three years ago about Foley's inappropriate conduct toward House pages. His lawyer says he'll testify to that on Thursday.

Speaker Dennis Hastert's chief of staff denies ever having a discussion with Fordham about Foley.

Fordham has resigned as chief of staff to Congressman Thomas Reynolds, the House Republican campaign chief who says he told Hastert about his Foley concerns last spring.

Midst the investigations, a congressman who says he heard about inappropriate e-mails from then-Congressman Mark Foley to a former congressional page a few years ago says he passed along the complaint to Foley's office and to the clerk of the House. But Republican Jim Kolbe of Arizona says he didn't take any further action.

In a statement Tuesday, Kolbe says a teen-ager he had sponsored as a page contacted his office about five or six years ago, to say he'd received e-mails from Foley that "made him uncomfortable." Kolbe says he didn't see the messages themselves, and that he wasn't told they were sexually explicit.

Kolbe says he recommended that the complaint be passed along to Foley's office and to the clerk who supervised the page program. And he says, "this was done promptly."

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