Broncos Cut Sauerbrun

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The Denver Broncos cut punter Todd Sauerbrun Tuesday, the day he was supposed to come back from a four-game suspension for using a banned dietary supplement.

Agent David Canter says the Broncos informed him they were keeping Paul Ernster, who has kicked well in Sauerbrun's absence.

Sauerbrun is a 12-year veteran who said he knowingly took an over-the-counter weight loss product this summer that he strongly suspected contained ephedra.

After a 13-to-3 win over Baltimore on Monday night, Ernster admitted he had performed as well as he could and was at peace with whatever decision the team made. Ernster's agent, Brett Tessler, says he won the job the old-fashioned way by earning it.

The NFL banned ephedra after the death of Minnesota Vikings offensive tackle Korey Stringer during training camp in 2001.

Players are randomly tested, and can be suspended after the first violation.