Suspect Arrested in Casino Heist

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More than $100,000 was stolen from the J.P. McGills Casino. Police say their suspect is not only a former cop, but a former security guard at the casino.

27-year-old Jason Jones worked as a police officer this summer near Cripple Creek. IN the past, he also worked at three other Sheriff’s Departments in the state.

The Casino’s surveillance camera did catch a man wearing a mask and gloves on tape, but that person cannot be positively identified.

A few days after the casino was robbed, Jason Jones quit his job and was hired at the Victor Police Department just a few miles away from Cripple Creek. But authorities soon became suspicious.

According to the arrest affadavit, Jones went on a lavish spending spree, always using cash. He bought a pick-up truck, guns, a Harley Davidson, and much more. He also gave Victor’s Police Chief $600 to buy new badges.

In the past, Jones worked for Sheriff’s Departments in Teller, Custer and Lake counties. But his criminal background check was clean.

Jones is now free on bond. His next court appearance will be next Monday.