Graffiti Program May Lose Funding

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A program in Pueblo that’s used to clean up graffiti is in jeopardy of loosing its funding from the city. The project comes with a $100,000/year price tag. And it’s funded by a block grant. But the City Council could decide that money needs to go somewhere else.

There is a little time left to try to save the program, because the City Council will not make a final decision until early next year. But what’s at stake is a program designed to fight Pueblo’s graffiti artists.

About a dozen youngsters between the ages of 12 and 17 volunteer their time after school to keep the streets of Pueblo clean. For the past five years, a community development grant paid for the program. But now, the Council is looking to give the money to other community projects instead of the anti-graffiti program.

If the Council can’t find new funding, program sponsors say graffiti artists win. 11 News spoke with several council members about the program today. None of them will comment, until they say the can take a closer look at the funding issues.