Fire Leaves Families Homeless

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A number of families are still without a home tonight after a Sunday morning fire swept through the Dublin Loop Apartments.

The fire spread so quickly that some families were forced to take drastic measures. Larry Scarborough had to make a split second decision on just how he was going to get out of his second story apartment. "I dropped my two kids to the neighbors down below, I dropped Candace, and the got out myself."

Scarborough and his family got out just in the nick of time. His second story apartment is now boarded up. Part of the roof has collapsed damaging 7 other apartments and leaving a number of families homeless. Neighbors sais what happened during that fire, was extraordinary. Through the thick smoke, one woman even went door-to-door alerting residents. Daniel Rice lives nearby. "The true heroes are Larry and the lady who lives below him."

The neighborhood is pulling together leaving flowers on Larry's car. All the families who were evacuated only have the clothes on their backs. And for Larry, while he's relieved his family is okay, he's worried about their future. "I’m a little scared. When you lose everything, you kinda wonder."

If you want to donate money, contact the Red Cross and specify it's for the victims of Dublin Loop Apartment fire. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.