Car Crashes Into Memorial Hospital

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No injuries, but quite a scene, at Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs on Tuesday afternoon. A car crashed into a window near the old South Entrance.

Hospital officials say the car hit the area near the outpatient lab office. A valet parking employee was driving the vehicle. The valets are contracted out of Memorial Hospital through a company called American Valet. The company says this employee has a clean driving record.

Investigators are still trying to figure out if the car malfunctioned, or if the driver was at fault. "No one driving the vehicle was injured. No one inside the hospital was injured---everybody's okay. So we're now investigating the accident to see kind of what happened and kind of figure out where to go from here," says Hospital Spokesperson Chris Valentine. The damage area of the building is now covered by plywood.

Despite the driveway's tight U-Turn, there has never been a incident like this in the past. Hospital officials say, now with the new North Entrance, the traffic in this particular area has decreased.