Kobe T-Shirts

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It's not just what the shirts say that has some people in Colorado upset -- but who was thinking about buying them.

Some sheriff's deputies in the small town where Kobe Bryant is due to be tried for sexual assault have decided not to buy T-shirts mocking Bryant's extramarital problems -- after finding out the profits wouldn't go to a battered woman's shelter.

Many people are surprised the Eagle County deputies who investigated the case and guarded Bryant during court appearances had even considered buying them. A Denver lawyer says the idea strips the Eagle County sheriff's department ``of any integrity.''

A company named hangmantees-dot-com had given the department two
shirts mocking Bryant's self-admitted infidelity. Two men were seen
wearing the shirts outside the county courthouse during Bryant's preliminary hearing last month.

The county sheriff says the incident has been blown out of
proportion -- saying he would never have allowed on-duty deputies
to wear the shirts.