Teen Injured In Alleged Hit And Run

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"It's just something you can't explain, seeing your child laying there with severe brain injuries," said Marlene Garcia from her daughter Andria's bedside at Memorial Hospital For Children Wednesday morning. But how 15-year-old Garcia sustained a skull fracture and multiple bruises is a mystery, even to police. Marlene Garcia says it started Friday night when her daughter came home disoriented.
"I just thought she had a headache, that she wasn't feeling well," said Garcia. "I didn't think that she was hit by a car."
But that's what Andria Garcia's friends say happened-- an alleged hit and run Friday night at the intersection of Circle and Galley. But Marlene Garcia says her daughter's friends waited until Sunday to tell her about it, after Andria had slept for nearly 30 hours. Garcia rushed her to the hospital and filed a report with Colorado Springs Police officer Josh Hunter.
"He (Officer Hunter) is pretty upset how people didn't come forward to let me know about the accident or even call the police to report it."
Police tell KKTV there are several missing pieces to this story, pieces they say could involve a huge fight that broke out on Circle and Galley Friday night involving at least 20 teenagers. Police say Garcia could have been injured intentionally or accidentally, but Marlene Garcia says she just wants to know who hurt her daughter. Garcia is in stable condition and doctors say she faces a long road to recovery. If you have any information about what happened at Circle and Galley Friday night, call Crimestoppers at 634-STOP in Colorado Springs or 542-STOP in Pueblo.