Counterfeit Cash In Pueblo

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Fake $100 bills are circulating through Pueblo.

Police say they are investigating more than 15 cases. They're not sure if any of them are linked to one another. Police are in the process of compiling video footage of potential suspects from different businesses around Pueblo.

Investigators say, those who are circulating the phony cash, are going to businesses with high customer turnover to avoid being caught.

Police say, the number of reported counterfeit cases have increased over the last few weeks.

Investigators say, the suspects they're looking for, range from teens to adults and includes men and women. Detectives say, anyone knowingly spending counterfeit cash could be charged with a misdemeanor, felony, or if the amount is high enough, the secret service becomes involved.

Police have also been tracking serial numbers. If you believe you have a counterfeit bill, one of these serial numbers will appear on the front.

AC 83412671 C
CA 13212637 C
CB 98657401 E
CB 98657406 E
CL 83412677 C
CL 88341278 C
CL 63834128 C