A Look Inside Platte Canyon High

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No one has really been inside except for some teachers and investigators since the attack…in the classrooms students and teachers belongings are still scattered everywhere.

We didn't actually go inside room 206 where the shooting happened…instead we went into room 106 which has a very similar layout.

Sheriff Fred Wegener said Morrison had the lights turned off the entire time he was in the classroom…keeping authorities in the dark as to what exactly was going on. All negotiations had to take place through the door.

The swat teams only way of getting to Morrison was through a library window...that room 206 overlooked.

The cafeteria is also littered with hundreds of garbage bags...full of student’s belongings. All organized by room number.

School officials say their job now will be to focus on the healing process and safety remains their number one priority.

Students will be allowed back inside the school on Wednesday to get their belongings…classes will resume on Thursday.