Concerned parent wants fences around schools

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A mother of seven in Florence is stepping up to the plate and asking school officials to step up security.
The woman says kids in Fremont County would be safer, if fences surrounded their schools.
Wide-open spaces that surround schools are an invitation for criminals according to Jacque Taylor “Lets not wait until there's a fatality in our community before we all say well we should have done this or we should have done that,” says Taylor.
That's why she wants school officials to fence up these grounds now. “That's a drastic measure, I know."
But she says if something is not done soon, “I'm even considering pulling my kids out of school and doing home school.”
School Superintendent John Merriam says each and every student here is safe.
But he's still open to ideas. "We're not going to take any suggestion as a insignificant issue,” Merriam says, even admitting there is room for improvement.
"We are aware of some things that we need to do better," Merriam says.
But Merriam says surrounding schools with fences may not be the best answer.
“While it might impede people from coming in, it might also impede students from leaving,” Merriam says. Other parents seem satisfied with what the district’s doing. One parent, Marie Haynes, says "I don't think it's going to make them any safer than they already are to me."
Jacque Taylor will be joining forces with school officials to generate other ideas to protect kids in school. If you'd like to be a part of that, or get more information, you can contact organizers at 719-784-6192.