AWOL Reservist

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A reservist is facing a tough decision, to obey her deployment orders or keep her family together.
Specialist Simone Holcomb is a member of the Colorado National Guard.
Her husband, Vaughn is a Sgt in the Army.
Both were deployed to iraq earlier this year and their seven children were being cared for by a grandmother.
Now, they are in the middle of a custody battle, with Vaughn's ex-wife. A judge ordered one of the 2 parents to stay in the state or lose custody of 2 of their kids.
Simone stayed, but now she's Away Without Leave, or AWOL. She is being told she must return to Iraq.
Major Heather Herrera says in part she quote, must decline to speak publically about Specialist Hocomb's private matter.
Major Herrera did say she is trying to keep the best interests of the Holcomb family and the needs of the army in mind