Smoke Free May Mean Fewer Heart Attacks

Its been three months since Colorado Springs has gone smoke free. Many are saying its been a breath of fresh air. But one study shows, it may also be a lifesaver.
You won't find a single ashtray in old chicago's bar, they disappeared off of tables in Colorado Springs and across the state, July 1st.
"Its good, i have asthma, so it's good for me. So i feel better when i get off work."
The Ross family eats lunch in the bar, a place they say they'd never sit 3 months ago.
"I don't like them around the second hand smoke"
But Pueblo has been smoke free since 2003 and a few local doctors have found yet another benefit to clearing the air. Heart attacks have gone down.
"It showed a 27 % decrease in heart attacks 18 months afterwards." - dr. Christine nevin-woods
Study after study has shown the long term effect cigarrette smoke has on the body, this suggests that some effects, are much more sudden.
"the second hand smoke causes an immediate effect and the damage to cause a heart attack"
Just one more reason some now breathe a sigh of relief, that the smoke has lifted.
"I think its a good ban, i appreciate being able to go to restaurants and bars and not be interrupted by people who are smoking"
There were more than one hundred fewer heart attacks in pueblo over that 18 month period...But it will take some time to see if the same pattern develops in Colorado Springs.