School Shooting In Pennsylvania

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Police say the man who opened fire at an Amish school in Pennsylvania today had let the boys and the adult women leave while holding the girls hostage -- and then shooting them as police arrived.
State police say the gunman was armed with three guns, a stun gun, two knives and a bag with about 600 rounds of ammunition.
Police say the man who staged execution-style killings in the pastoral "Pennsylvania Dutch" countryside had some kind of a grudge that he may have carried for two decades.
Authorities say the gunman was a 31-year-old milk-truck driver from a nearby town who had just dropped his own children at a bus stop. And they say he picked his target, not because it was Amish, but because it was close, there were girls there, and the schoolhouse had little or no security.
Officials say Charles Roberts left several rambling suicide-like notes to his family. And he used his cell phone to tell his wife he was getting even for a long-ago offense -- before he shot his victims and turned a weapon on himself.
Police say they found the bodies of three girls at the scene, along with the body of the gunman, who had turned the gun on himself. They say several other victims were taken to hospitals -- some with very serious injuries. The county coroner reports six deaths, in all.
State Police Commissioner Jeffrey Miller says Roberts arrived ready to take hostages -- tying up the girls and using wood to block the doors. He says Roberts called 9-1-1 threatening to shoot in seconds if the police didn't leave. As police tried to call Roberts' cell phone, shots rang out.
Roberts left what Miller describes as "rambling" letters to his own kids, "along the lines of suicide notes." Moments before the shooting, Roberts told his wife he wasn't coming home and would be getting revenge for something 20 years ago. Police won't say what that might be.